What You Should Know About Heating Maintenance

a technician performs furnace maintenanceNow that the fall season has arrived, many people are starting to think about heating their homes. With fuel prices on the rise, most homeowners are concerned about the cost of home heating. In general, heating your home uses a good portion of your home’s energy budget each year – around 29 percent, according to the Department of Energy. And, when fuel prices spike, it can be an even greater expense. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your home heating system is operating both effectively and efficiently.

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One of the ways you can do that is by making sure it is properly maintained. It’s easy to look at heating maintenance as yet another household expense to avoid. However, not getting annual maintenance can actually end up costing homeowners far more in the long run. In this article, we’ll explain the main benefits of getting annual maintenance on your heating system, and how Stafford Mechanical Services, Inc. can help. Keep reading to learn more!

Five Benefits of Annual Heating Maintenance

Your home’s heating system is comprised of complex machinery that works hard to keep you and your family both comfortable and safe once the chillier weather arrives. As such, it needs the proper care in order to ensure that it’s working its best. Annual maintenance helps to achieve that, and provides many benefits to you, the homeowner. These benefits include:

  • More efficient operation. Whether you own a furnace, boiler, or heat pump, your heating system works non-stop during the cold months to keep your home warm. In the course of operation, dirt and dust can accumulate in your system, making it have to work even harder to provide you with the heat you need. Annual maintenance provides a thorough cleaning of your heating system, allowing it to operate more easily and use less energy.
  • Cleaner indoor air. As we mentioned above, your system can get dirty over time. Unfortunately, that dirt and dust can end up circulating throughout your home if your system doesn’t receive the cleaning it needs. It’s important to change your filter and get annual maintenance to help the air inside your home stay fresh and clean.
  • Longer lifespan. Without proper maintenance, any type of mechanical equipment can falter. Think about it – what if you never changed the oil or replaced the tires on your vehicle? You probably wouldn’t expect it to last very long! The same goes for your heating equipment. Fortunately, annual maintenance can help keep your system running smoothly this winter and for years to come.
  • Warranty maintenance. A lot of people don’t realize this, but often, receiving regular maintenance is required by HVAC equipment manufacturers in order to keep the warranty intact. Failure to do so can void the warranty – which can cause the homeowner costly out-of-pocket expenses should the equipment require repairs. Annual maintenance helps keep your warranty in good standing, so you can rest assured parts and accessories will be covered in the instance of a breakdown.
  • Record of service. When you choose annual maintenance from your HVAC contractor, they’ll keep a record of service. The efficiency and condition of your system, and any small repairs made, will be noted. That will help troubleshoot your system should any issues arise – helping you save time and money in the instance a repair is needed.

Stafford Mechanical is pleased to offer heating maintenance to our customers.

At Stafford, we provide our customers with the heating maintenance they need to ensure their system is operating at its best, year after year. We offer comprehensive maintenance agreements and our highly qualified technicians are able to provide service on most makes and models of heating equipment – we proudly service Carrier heating equipment and many other brands as well. You may contact us via phone at (860) 684-9485. We look forward to helping you with all of your heating needs.