How Do I Know If I Need a New Air Conditioning System?

couple is feeling the heat under an AC system that is not working properlyOnce the good old summertime rolls in, many people rely on the cool comfort of air conditioning. Your air conditioning system works hard all summer long to help keep your home at a comfortable temperature. And, if it is well-maintained, your air conditioning system should last a long time, up to 15 years. Unfortunately, the older an AC system gets, the harder it may be for it to keep up with the demands of cooling your home.

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Usually, you’ll begin to see some telltale signs that will let you know that it may be time to consider a new air conditioning system. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the things to look for if you suspect your AC is on its way out, and how Stafford Mechanical Services can help you when it comes time to replace your system. Keep reading to learn more!

Signs Your AC System May Need Replacement

Nobody wants to think about the expense of having to replace an air conditioning system, but the truth is, it can end up costing you more money in the long run to keep an old, outdated system going. Here are a few ways to tell if your system may need to be replaced:

  1. Your energy bills keep increasing. AC systems use energy to operate, and as such you can expect that your utility bills may increase during the summer months. But if you’ve noticed a dramatic spike in your energy bills this summer, there’s a good chance that your air conditioning system is using more energy than it once did to do the same job.
  2. Your system’s refrigerant is expensive to replace. Older systems often develop refrigerant leaks, and your technician will need to recharge it so the system can work properly. If your system uses an older refrigerant, like R-22, it can be very costly to recharge, and may even be impossible.
  3. Your AC is not effectively cooling your home. As air conditioning systems age, it becomes harder for them to provide the same level of cooling as they did when they were first installed. And, many homeowners change the layout of their homes, convert unused rooms into living quarters, or add space over the years – and that means the AC system is often no longer the proper size.
  4. Your system is making unusual noises and/or you notice strange odors. When components inside your AC system are breaking down, you might notice squealing or grinding sounds coming from your unit. You may also notice foul odors that smell like melting plastic or burning rubber. If you notice any of these sounds or odors, you should turn off your system and call a professional.
  5. Repairs are needed more frequently and have become more expensive. Older systems may need repairs on a more frequent basis, as components within the system age and succumb to wear and tear. System components like compressors can be very expensive if they need to be replaced. If the cost of the repair is more than 50 percent of the current value of your system, replacement is recommended.

As you can see, high energy use, expensive and hard-to-find refrigerants, and frequent, costly repairs can often outweigh the cost of replacing an air conditioning system. So, if you have an older system in your home that’s experiencing any of the above concerns, a replacement may be in order.

How can Stafford Mechanical Services help?

At Stafford Mechanical Services, we provide a comprehensive list of air conditioning services, including repair, maintenance, and new system installation. We can help troubleshoot your AC system and help you decide if repair or replacement is more feasible. And, if you decide to replace your old system, we will go over all your options with you and will provide you with expert installation of the quality system you choose. We are a proud Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and are pleased to install high-quality Carrier air conditioning systems in our customers’ homes. If you’re considering replacing an old air conditioner in your home, Stafford Mechanical is ready to help you. Simply give us a call at (860) 684-9485 and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment with you.