Improve Your Indoor Air Quality for Comfort & Joy This Holiday Season

family at home during the holidaysThe holiday season is a special time of year for most of us when we look forward to inviting family and friends into our homes to celebrate the season. Unfortunately, holiday guests can often bring with them allergies, colds, and other viruses. The good news is that you can keep the air cleaner and more comfortable this winter by choosing indoor air quality, or IAQ, products for your home.

Air filtration, air purifiers, and humidifiers are all helpful products once the winter season arrives. In this article, we’ll explain how each of these products can help improve your home’s indoor air quality – and help you keep the season merry and bright! Keep reading below to learn more.

3 Products That Can Help Improve Your IAQ

Today’s indoor air quality products are made with the homeowner in mind. Many modern homes are much more airtight than they were in the past. While this is great for energy efficiency, it can mean that the air circulating throughout your home and HVAC system can become stale and dry. Luckily, the following products can help keep your indoor air clean, fresh, and comfortable.

Air Filtration

If you see specks floating in the air in your home, or if you notice that your furniture needs to be dusted often, chances are you need to improve the air filtration in your home. Air filtration products benefit your home by trapping the pollutants, allergens, and other pathogens that can cause poor indoor air quality.

Proper filtration can also help your home’s HVAC system operate more effectively and efficiently because the air moving in and out of the system is cleaner. In homes where there are allergy sufferers, proper filtration is vital, because it helps to remove common allergens like dust, dander, and pollen.

Air Purification

Many people think air filtration and air purification are the same. However, there are differences, and today’s air purifiers are made to keep harmful contaminants, viruses, and bacteria at bay. For instance, the Air Knight purification system we offer is one of the most advanced air purifiers on the market today. It uses a process that proactively seeks out and purifies pollutants in the air and on surfaces.

The Air Knight is a virtually maintenance-free unit that reduces odors, air pollutants, chemical odors, smoke, mold, bacteria, and viruses. Because of this, the Air Knight is often recommended for homes with anyone with respiratory concerns such as allergies or asthma.


The winter season can bring with it dry, uncomfortable indoor air, especially in homes that use a forced-air heating system, such as a furnace. If the air in your home is overly dry, you’ll notice things like dry, flaky skin, itchy eyes, static electricity, and creaky wood furniture and fixtures. All of these are sure signs that your home’s air needs more moisture.

A whole-home humidification system uses your ductwork and HVAC system to deliver moisturized air throughout your home. Depending on the size of the humidifier, it can deliver between 12-18 gallons of water vapor per day. Aside from making the air in your home more comfortable, a whole-home humidifier may also allow you to reduce your temperature settings and save on heating costs, too.

How can Stafford Mechanical Services help my family get cleaner, fresher indoor air?

At Stafford Mechanical Services, we know that now, more than ever, the quality of the air we breathe every day is important. That’s why we’re pleased to provide you with a full range of IAQ products that can help you and your family breathe easier, this winter and all year round. Give us a call at (860) 684-9485 and we’ll be more than happy to tell you more about our indoor air quality products and how we can help you enjoy fresher, cleaner air.