Home Damage Prevention Systems from Stafford Mechanical Services, Inc.

Have you ever arrived home and had no heat or air conditioning? And then had to call your HVAC contractor to come out after hours – and pay overtime charges to fix your system? This can be a thing of the past, though, when you choose Stafford Mechanical Services, Inc. to help. We are pleased to offer an affordable alternative with our home damage prevention system.

With this patented system, you can get alerts from your Smartphone or PC when you’re away from home, if your home goes below or above a certain temperature. Additionally, you can program and control your heating and cooling system to save energy, unlock and lock doors, schedule your lighting or other appliances to go on and off and to save energy, and to get alerts if water is detected to prevent a flood in your home.

You’ll get peace of mind when you choose a home damage prevention system from Stafford.

When you choose a home damage prevention system from Stafford Mechanical Services, Inc., you’ll get professional installation and support from our expert staff, which has been specially trained to provide you with the best installation services available. We’ll make sure you have a full knowledge of your home damage prevention system, too, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of it.

Stafford Mechanical Services, Inc. is ready to help you get the home damage prevention system you need for your home. You may contact us via phone at (860) 684-9485. We look forward to helping you with your comfort needs.

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